Kilbride School Council Meeting Minutes *

May 24, 2017

Present: Jeff Whitaker, Julie Ion, Tricia Cole, Robyn Irving, Sarah Jensen, Mary-Ann Welland, Tara

Spearin, Tammy Kember, Conan Spruin, Sarah Fike, Andrea Grebenc, Priscilla Bajus, Leanne Sheehan,

Nelly Christensen, Kelly Anthony, Andrea Sjolander.

Robyn called meeting to order at 9:20 am.

Request for Funding from Sarah Fike

Sarah Fike, Kilbride’s Special Education Teacher, gave a presentation to Council on the idea of

developing a Sensory Room for Kilbride students. She would like to request funding in the Fall of

2017 to creative a room which would provide sensory breaks, help with attention/focus, provide brain

breaks and help with emotional and mental well being in general. This is part of a “Wellness Initiative”

for students. She provided a list of both heavy body break items and sensory break items she would

like to purchase, which totalled approximately $6,500. The Conference Room, which is not being well

utilized, would be used for this project.

Principal’s Report:

We have PIC money which must be spent by May 31 st . Mr. Spruin recommended spending it in the

following areas: a Keurig and supplies for school/parent events, photocopying costs for Fun Fair, a

volunteer/parent appreciation lunch (June 7 th ), lunch for Fun Fair set up crew and extra tables to be

used at our events. Council agreed with these suggestions.

Marianne Wilson will be retiring at the end of this school year. Her replacement is tbd. We wish her

all the best in her retirement.

Kilbride’s new Principal will be coming to visit the school and staff on June 5 th . Another time will be

set up for him to meet with Council.

Everything is arranged for the Grade 8 Grad. It will start at about 6:45pm and be followed by hors

d’oeuvres and then a dance. Families should arrive around 6:15pm for photos before the start of the


- 2 –

Fun Fair:

Fun Fair is next week! Posters are up and stickers will go out today as a reminder. The ticket fairy will

be visiting classrooms today to generate awareness and encourage students to fill their class baskets.

Cashless orders are coming in and the deadline is this Friday.

An announcement about the talent show was made yesterday and about 35 students expressed an

interest in participating.

Mr. Spruin is aware of a number of new families joining the school next year, who are planning on

attending. We should have extra flyers available in the office for any new families that will be coming.

Silent Auction items continue to come in. Tara will need all items in our system by Sunday so she can

do the bid sheets up.

Mr. Spruin, Robyn and the grade 8’s will be dunked in our dunk tank.

Group discussed ways of doing thank you’s for donors after the event.

Set up will begin at the start of the school day on the 1 st so please come by if you’re available.

Treasurer’s Report:

Julie updated the group on our current numbers. We have about $23,000 in the bank, $5,500

approved and waiting to be spent, $16,000 in food profits and approximately $12,000 for spending in


Other Council/Community Items:

Skatepark - The City’s skatepark information evening went well and was well attended. Groups from

both Lowville and Kilbride seemed to be favouring Kilbride as a location.

Skipping Competition – a number of our students attended a national skipping competition over the

weekend with Isabel’s JDFA. The event went well and kids did great.

-3 –

Teacher Appreciation – we would like to have our annual Teacher Appreciation Breakfast on Tuesday,

June 13 th . Robyn will talk to Jen Morris to see if she would be able to co-ordinate this again this year.

A number of Council members agreed to help.

PAR Update by Trustee Andrea Grebenc:

Andrea updated Council on the current status of PAR. The Director brought his recommendation to

the Board last Wednesday. The current recommendation includes closing Bateman and Pearson,

splitting the gifted program between MM Robinson and Nelson, moving the CPP program

(Community Pathways Program for special needs children) to MMR, moving the IB (International

Baccalaureate) program to Central and moving French Immersion from Hayden to MMR. There has

been so much discussion and debate around this recommendation that the trustees are meeting

again this evening to continue their talks. A final vote is to take place on June 7 th and that decision

would be published right away.

There is debate over whether closing Bateman makes sense as it houses so many different programs

that Nelson is not set up for. There is also concern that the numbers at Hayden will still be too high as

some French immersion students may choose to stay at Hayden. This could impact Kilbride students,

as this would be an easy group to send to MMR instead of Hayden, thus reducing numbers.

The group discussed the Kilbride student placement history and possibilities. Andrea advised the

group that there will be both a new elementary and high school being developed in Milton and this

construction would likely lead to a boundary review next spring. In future years, there is the potential

that Kilbride students could be impacted by the new development and subsequent boundaries.

Andrea also spoke to the group about the Inspire Awards. These awards recognize people and groups

who support HDSB’s students. Anyone associated with The Board, other than trustees, can be

nominated. See The Board’s website for further information.

Motion raised by Mary Ann to end the meeting and seconded by Nelly at 10:35am.

Next Parent Council Meeting – tbd

*Minutes approved by Mary Ann Welland and seconded by Andrea Sjolander on May 28/17