Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

June 11, 2019

Call to order 12:50 p.m.

Attendance: Nikki Ferreira, Mary-Ann Welland, Mrs. Must, Tricia Cole, Sally Fun, Jen Millar-

Giudice, Kim Smith, Michell Ristevski, Michelle Brans, Priscilla Bajus, Nelly Christensen,

Approval of Agenda

Principal's Report:

-- Fun Fair was a “well-oiled machine”, demonstrates devotion to community; the best Karen

has EVER seen in 29 years. Heartfelt thanks to Priscilla and fundraising committee

-- communications protocol within Parent Council: if people want to discuss government

education changes, it can be discussed at meetings. Parents should feel comfortable bringing up

issues. Nikki and Tricia did discuss issue privately with Mrs. Must. Seems to be

misunderstandings. Communications will be addressed in next school year, such as distributing

Parent Council protocol document to each council member and Mrs. Must suggested creating

committee to look at protocol and decide how meetings are going to be run

-- Goal of sprucing up library have been realized. Tech bar, new desks with green-screen

capability and 2 new stools with 2 more expected. Mrs. Must suggests a stand-up desk in future

-- mtg with maintenance supervisor. Upcoming capital projects: new windows, office

carpeting, air conditioning, latches on kindergarten gates, drainage issues,

-- school time starting late next year at 9:25 which will affect bus routes. Nikki asked Mrs.

Must to check on bus drivers and routes concern.

Chair Reports:

-- Teacher Brunch next week June 18th with volunteers contributing food/supplies

-- for next year, list ideas for fundraisers early in season for parents to vote

-- Tricia suggests a web link to assist parents on things such as volunteering opportunities,

reporting structure for incidents, fundraising issues, posting Parent Council minutes, etc.

-- revisit literacy night for next year. Revamp to encourage more attendance.

-- Aussie X program for next year? Mixed feelings on how kids liked it. Self-defence is an

option. Nikki will book them with new program.

-- next year Fun Fair date June 4th

Other Items:

-- Priscilla compliments all the volunteers at Fun Fair. $ 8,900 was raised

-- Nelly suggests more family-oriented activities for next school year e.g. Games night, movie

night, socials, dances for kids

-- Fundraisers for next year:

-- box of greeting cards & wrapping paper

-- spirit wear at fall open house

-- candy grams at Valentine's

1 of 2

-- Fundscript – gift cards

-- Indigo fundraiser not a success last year

-- Cobbs bakery

-- springtime bulbs

-- cake raffle

-- Dime Sale run by Brooke Malloy and Justina Courtenay

-- Open house – food trucks

-- Krispy Kreme

Action Item:

-- Communications within Parent Council: at beginning of school year, review Parent Council

protocol document with all members

-- once Open House date in September is confirmed, to book food trucks and discuss what

Parent Council wants to promote to all parents (e.g. Volunteering opportunities). Can begin to organize

in summer.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. by Michelle seconded by Tricia

Next meeting: September 2019

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland


Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

May 16, 2019

Call to order 9:30 a.m.

Attendance: Nikki Ferreira, Mary-Ann Welland, Mrs. Must, Tricia Cole, Andrea Sjolander, Kim Smith,

Brooke Malloy, Michelle Brans, Priscilla Bajus, Jen Mifsud, Emerald Bracken, Jen Millar-Giudice,

Mrs. Ashabo, Nelly Christensen,

Approval of Agenda

Principal's Report:

Student of Excellence evening. Congrats to Avery Muhn for representing the school so well

launched 3rd school goal of Make A Difference. Grade 7's ran the whole assembly and put a lot

of work into it. Every class will work on a project. e.g. Women's Shelter donations, clean Bruce

Trail, write letters of appreciation, collect clothing for those in need

two teachers are retiring in June (Mrs. Hutson, Mrs. Kraayvanger) so Mrs. Must has already

hired their replacements. Formal announcement to be made in June.

Literacy update: school-wide focus on writer's workshops

math focus – teachers learning from other teachers,

kid's survey for Grades 1-8 for sense of belonging going out this month. Grade 4-8 Have Your

Say survey results in: sense of belonging the same from last year; reduction of students feeling

stressed/anxious down by 10%

EQAO begins Friday and ends next week

library improvements almost complete. More “move” stools to come.

Issues relating to kids' inappropriate comments to others e.g. Racial. Yesterday, a police officer

visited to tell of implications. Synervoice from school for Grade 7 & 8 parents sent to tell

parents to have conversation with their kids

new programs: Glee Club, Little Jammers (guitar program)

Chair Reports:

Tricia Cole was concerned about provincial cuts to education and wanted a petition to be

signed. Nikki said that this is not a Parent Council issue.

Grad wear. Nikki working on design. Order forms to be handed out soon.

Teacher Appreciation brunch date June 18th, 1st nutrition break

Volunteer Appreciation to be held after next Parent Council mtg., so June 11th 1:25 p.m.

for next PC meeting, to discuss next year's fundraisers

Other Items:

- Andrea Sjolander to assemble planters in front of school

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 a.m. by Nikki, seconded by Priscilla

Next meeting: June 11, 12:30 p.m.

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland


Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

April 17, 2019

Call to order 2:13 p.m.

Attendance: Nikki Ferreira, Mary-Ann Welland, Mrs. Must, Mrs. Ashabo, Priscilla Bajus, Jen Millar-

Giudice, Brooke Malloy, Michel Ristevski, Sally Fung

Approval of Agenda

Principal's Report:

library green tables are installed and children are utilizing them. Tables can be written on with

dry erase markers; can be tilted for filming; can be folded and moved away

school improvement re: well-being – playgrounds, change rooms, bus concerns. On

playgrounds, some students want to be left alone whereas others feel left out so student

leadership team will organize games during recesses. For change rooms, Ms. K. has discussed

importance of feeling safe. For buses, students have expressed concerns about unkind words

which was then relayed to bus drivers. Bus drivers were given a “thank you” assembly.

PA day, teachers focused on math and well-being. Teachers learned about problem solving and

how to engage students in higher-level thinking questions and how to use manipulatives

(physical tools & website) effectively.

“Have Your Say” survey showed kids spending too much time on screens and not enough on

sleep which can affect learning and well-being

Knowledge-Building prompts workshop conducted by Mr. Ianuzzi, philosophy on how to

create, share, and grow the best ideas for the good of all learners.

Implementing Knowledge Scaffolding; how to build on the ideas of others, using the natural

curiosity of all humans, to develop ideas and knowledge by sharing and growing everyone’s


classes will work on “make a difference” projects for community. Grade 7 leaders to present at

assembly April 25

upcoming Book Swap, April 15-18

lockers have been refreshed with new bottoms

new domes installed on security cameras

new cameras down intermediate hallways

new bike rack coming

Ms. McAdam on leave

Committee Reports:

Nikki went to school board meeting re closing Kilbride school on inclement weather days. She

just learned yesterday that it won't be supported.

Nikki sent email to parents regarding supporting fund raisers, that it's optional. No pressure.

Other fundraising ideas: craft market, card-selling,

graduating class spiritwear. Mrs. Must to coordinate.

Voting items:

Mrs. Armstrong wants funds for Author day i.e. plasticine for workshop, $182.53, for 50

students - approved

Four goal sets, $96.50 for 2; mini-sticks, $ unknown – goal sets approved

Sensory room $ 1,743.88 leftover from approved funds last year (total of $ 6,500). Mrs.

Ashabo wants to now spend this money but it might have been put on hold. Mrs. Grills will be


20 chrome books $ 6,000 - approved

Apple laptops $ 1,800 additional to $ 2,600 already approved – Mrs. Must to doublecheck $ not

available from Board

2 Bownets for gym use, $ 900 - approved

carpet for Mrs. Pitblado's use, $ 300 - approved

water table for Mrs. LeDonne, $ 300 - approved

Mr. Watkins classroom: books $ 140, pool table $ 50 - approved

Mrs. Ashabo's sensory room items, $ 2,845.90, projector + installation – to be discussed at next

meeting or by e-mail, once we assess funds available

chairs for library, $ 540 – approved

jerseys for gym – Mrs. Must to seek prices in order for voting on this item

Meeting adjourned at 3:42 p.m. by Brooke, seconded by Priscilla

Next meeting: May 16, 9:30 a.m.

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland


Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

November 5, 2018

Present: Nikki Ferreira, Mary-Ann Welland, Mrs. Must, Kelly Anthony, Angela Lamb, Emerald


Meeting to order 6:05 p.m.

Principal's Report:

library transformation. Furniture moved, magazine rack moved, tech bar to be installed. Met

with Lynn Goodwin, library consultant, in helping with design. Request for 6 tables for flexible

seating, 4 techbar stools, and 6 round stand-alone stools, once more funds become available

(approx. $6k)

Spheros club 4-week sessions beginning in November

SIPSA (Student Improvement Plan and Self-Assessment) is done with rep from each division


well-being goal. Will survey the children on how they feel if they belong

literacy. Writer's workshop based on EQAO results. Also, teachers to use a consistent model in

teaching math problems

wonderful Hallowe'en assembly

amazing cake walk results, approx. $1,100

Remembrance Day assembly this Friday

Math Night scheduled Nov. 15; tentative 43 students signed up

Chair Report:

Indigo fundraiser organized by Priscilla Bajus on Nov. 14. Teachers will have wish list.

Council funds used re-cap. X-Movement booked, 2 chrome books, music equipment, gym

equipment, sensory room is complete, art supplies, lighting, Angel Fund increase,

Nikki suggests a Student Engagement Fee (as the high school does) to assist with students in

need or various fun activities, e.g. Freezies on a hot day


Food sales going well.

Dime Sale upcoming Dec. 10-14. Justina Coutenay and Mary-Ann to organize. Will be put on

Cashless as well.

Santa's Workshop, Dec. 19. Donation of items (gently used or never-been-used) for students to

buy as gifts. Including a wrapping station.

Another Cake Walk to happen for Valentine's Day

Fun Fair, May 30th

Nov. 19th Scholastic night & Book Fair run by Mrs. Armstrong

Other Items:

Emerald Bracken offered decals for bathrooms with motivational phrases. To be discussed.

Air conditioning issues. Can we buy portable a/c units?

With no holiday concert, there will be a sing-along and a mini-concert during the day, Dec. 21

Grade 8 trip, students must pay for supply teacher compensation. Will find out cost and see if

Parent Council can cover.

Adjourned at 7:35p.m. By Nikki, seconded by Kelly Anthony

Next meeting: Nov. 22, 9:15 a.m.

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland


Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

October 18, 2018

Present: Nikki Ferreira, Jen Mifsud, Mary-Ann Welland, Leanne Sheehan, Brooke Malloy, Lou-Ann

Trabucco, Tricia Cole, Kim Smith, Amanda van der Voort, Jen Millar Giudice, Michelle Brans, Priscilla

Bajus, Mrs. Grills, Mrs. Ashabo, Mrs. Must

Meeting to order 2:09 p.m.

Approval of this meeting's agenda.

Principal's Report:

– volleyball season under way

– Open House a success

– Terry Fox run thanks to Mme Bennink

– Flag Football tournament. Kilbride won cup!

– EQAO results. Need to work on numeration. Staff on PA day spent time on math.

Also, literacy needs work so staff have learned about Writers workshop

– MindUp curriculum in use to help with students' anxiety and building community in classes

– Oct. 30th to create plan to work with students to improve marks

– Nov. 15th math night being organized by staff

– Primary concert – not able to be organized. Craft day to be organized for primary students.

Council suggested daytime carolling assembly. Potential date December 13th

Chair Report:

– Parent Council funds allocated $10,834 for pre-approved items

– we have $4,000 from last year to spend

– teacher's wish list – many items will be purchased by Board.

We voted and approved the extra spending:

Flexible Seating $900

Camera $300

Visual Timers $300

Bean bag refill $75

Art Supplies $750

Funds for Ms Woodman $100

Keurig $210

Angel fund $500

Board games $110

Leaves $755 (subject to final cost of items)


– Dime Sale Dec. 10-14th

– Christmas shop Wednesday, December 19th. Kids can buy donated items for parents & siblings

– Priscilla has advised that Funfair planning well under way

Will be meeting the first Wednesday of the month.

Looking for a specific crew for clean up and the alumni will be told an extra hour to ensure they

stay to clean and don’t take off.

Auction items looking to auction process and communication to donators


– Tricia is sending out newsletter. Asked for other communications.

Other Items:

– Discussed motivational and inspirational thoughts to be put up around school for kids.

(We saw a project in summer we wanted to tackle).

– Suggestion to adopt a school or create a pen pal situation with a school on First Nations. Nikki

to reach out to one of her friends who lives there and works closely with her community. A lot

of interest for this.

– Nikki has sent an email to a Karen about scheduling a November meeting aside from the

evening one. With the dime sale and Santa’s workshop we will have to at least get committees

together to help, especially the workshop. Nikki sent a rough flier idea to Tricia for her

assistance. Want to get out right after Halloween along with the dime sale.

– suggestion for council to create a welcome pamphlet for new parents on what we are, what we

do and how to get involved. Various committees etc. so it may not feel so overwhelming and


Adjourned at 3:34

Next meeting : Nov. 5 at 6 p.m.

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland


Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

September 24, 2018

Present: Karen Must, Nikki Ferreira, Renate Barnard, Julie Ion, Jen Mifsud, Mary-Ann Welland,

Leanne Sheehan, Mahsa Ledger, Brooke Malloy, Nelly Christensen, Lou-Ann Trabucco, Andrea

Sjolander, Tricia Cole, Kim Smith, Emerald Bracken, Sally Fund, Michell Ristevski, Angela Orpen,

Amanda van der Voort, Chris Fry, Siân Evans, Jen Millar Giudice

Welcome and Introduction: Mrs. Must introduced herself and everyone around room introduced


Elections and Voting:

– Mary-Ann Welland becomes secretary by default

– Mrs. Must read qualifications of Tricia Cole and Nikki Ferreira, both seeking Chairperson job

– Vote result for Chairperson by 13-8: Nikki Ferreira

– still in need of Treasurer position

– voting members: Jen Mifsud, Michell Ristevski, Tricia Cole, Nelly Christensen, Brooke

Malloy, Lou-Ann Trabucco, Jen Giudice, Sally Fung, Priscilla Bajus, Michelle Brans

Principal's Report:

– water quality issue: safe now to drink water. Will check how often water is tested to ensure

safety of children

– met with James Deacon, responsible for library, looking for providing after-school programs.

Staff would be provided.

– Literacy night to be planned for February

– met with Amy Turno; supports staff

– PA day with teachers, next best step...prompting guides for students to help understand

concepts. Amy Tempermen- Edgeucation – movement into math and literacy. Mindsup

curriculum helping kids with anxiety and other issues

– EQAO results: very well in literacy, math not so well. Grade 3 literacy: 90% , Grade 6 literacy:

85%, Grade 3 math: 76% , Grade 6 math: 47%, Grade 3 writing: 83%, Grade 6 writing: 76%.

– math night event in November, parents & children hands-on learning

– Nelly asked & Mrs. Must suggested homework club after school, especially to aid older

students getting ready for high school

– leadership team: welcome week activities, Spirit Week, Terry Fox run this Thursday. Student

senator, Myra Sultan, representing school....

– outdoor learning classroom. Sandra Burwell, Joe Patera, Ian Swance (parent) . To be

completed this fall

Open House Tuesday, September 25:

– food trucks 5-8 p.m., meet the teachers 6-7 p.m.

Nikki discussed a bench for Baxter Podd, in his honour

Teacher Wish List::

– list handed out and will be discussed at next meeting

Library/Staff Room re-fresh:

– will discuss next meeting after budget is formed

Parents wish for clearer communication for events and happenings at school. Suggestion for teachers

and principal to send communications to Tricia Cole for newsletter.

Next meeting October 17, 2018, 2-3:45 p.m.

Evening council meeting November 5, 6:30-8 p.m.

Meeting adjourned by Nelly and Andrea

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland