Parent Council Minutes of Meeting

March 7, 2018

Present​: Robyn Irving, Mary-Ann Welland, Jen Mifsud, Connie Grinbergs, Michell Ristevski,

Sally Fung, Lou-Ann Trabucco, Karen McLean, Amy Donaldson, Michelle Brans, Priscilla Bajus,

Julie Ion, Tricia Cole, Andrea Sjolander, Leanne Sheehan, Nelly Christansen, Mrs. Ashabo, Mr.

Armiss, Dr. Iannuzzi

Teacher Reports:

Mrs. Ashabo: Firstly, a thanks to parent council for $ 1,386 towards Mind Up curriculum.

Breathing simulation performed by Mrs. Ashabo. All teachers will be doing breathing exercise

with classes each day, with timing at the discretion of teacher.

Mr. Armiss presented Soul Drums. Expression of culture and diversity in the art of drumming. All

grades invited. Music concert at end of day. Requested $ 3 000 from council to fund this. To be

scheduled for May this year if approved. Council voted and unanimously agreed to fund this

request for $3 000.

Principal Report

– Kilbride students put together an 11 minute Be Kind video, which was shown to council. More

work is continuing to be done on this school goal.

– Ski trips went well. Lou-Ann commented on how well behaved the children were.

– Dance Feb. 23rd: well done by volunteers and turn-out was good. This was funded by the Pro

Grant council applied for last year.

– Parents can borrow supplementary curriculum resources in library. eg. Mind Up

– The library is being turned into a Learning Commons to engage students better. e.g., new

white board has been installed; a mounted projector has been donated from another library.

Principal requested $1 300 from council for computer for this room. Council voted and

unanimously agreed to spend $1 300 on this.

– A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the inappropriateness of using Facebook for personal

concerns regarding the school. A reminder will go out that any parent concern, whether bus or

in-school related, should be brought to teacher or the principal and should not be addressed on

social media (eg Facebook)

Chair Report:

– Pro Grant Application - now is the time to decide what events we would like to host next year.

We will seek ideas from the parent body & draft a proposal to seek grant funds. (Chair will file

report by June 28 describing the dances we hosted this year).

– There is a “Super Council Meeting” March 20th for all parent council chairs or Pic Reps in

Halton region. Amy will attend

– Council roles for next year - we have one person interested in being chairperson, another in

treasury. If any other parents are interested in specific council roles, please share with Robyn

– Food on snow days. Council is considering a “no bus, no served lunch” policy. Robyn will

check with the food committee for their feedback.

Community Items:

– Family Games Night will be April 20th. Nelly and Mary-Ann to organize.

– Movie under the Stars will be explored as an option for June, depending on financing and

timing. Michelle Brans to look into this.

– Soccer club: Michell Ristevski organizing with former teacher, Kelly Turner. Sign ups are

taking place now. The program is very low key and fun, but is at risk of not continuing as

signups are low. Volunteers are needed to coach.

– Popcorn purchased from Kernels for recent dance (Michell R). They offer pre-popped with

bogo offer. Consider for future events

– Fun Fair auction items. **More needed.** Please contact Robyn with all items

PIC report:

Amy Donaldson attended last week’s PIC meeting. The Annual conference will be Oct. 13th.

PIC meeting outlined suggestions applying for the PRO grant. Amy & Michelle B will start a list

of ideas

Motion to adjourn by Michelle B., seconded by Mary-Ann Welland. Meeting adjourned 10:55

Minutes written by Mary-Ann Welland

Next meeting April 18th.