Parent​ ​Council​ ​Minutes-​ ​October​ ​25​ ​2017

Attendance:​ ​Kathy Mazzei, Julie Ion, Michelle Brans, Robin Neilson, Brooke Malloy, Chris Fry,

Michell Ristevski, Sally Fung, Priscilla Bajus, Tammy Kember, Ashley Llewellyn, Karen McLean,

Marta Felton, Amy Donaldson, Lou-Ann Trabucco, Nikki Ferreira, Mary-Ann Welland, Jeff

Whitaker, Connie Grinbergs, Jen Mifsud, Robyn Irving, Nelly Christensen, Tammy Kember,

Leanne Sheenan, Andrea Sojander, Jennifer Armstrong, Rob Iannuzzi

Principal’s report by Dr Iannuzzi

- The school has adopted three goals: Be Kind, Do Your Job, Make a Difference. All three

will be used as focus for all ongoing activities for Kilbride students - whether in the

classroom, the yard, on the bus, or (hopefully) at home.

- MindUp, Live Different, and MyLife Online are three groups which have already been in

to speak to the children. All relate back to the three goals.

- Discussed Bullying issues: Kilbride students already very good at dealing with conflict,

but are having the above speakers in to help enhance their skills. There is conflict, but

bullying has not been seen to be a real problem. Bullying, by definition, involves a power

imbalance, as well as intent to harm. Dr. Iannuzzi shared a pamphlet he co-authored

about bullying. He reminded parents that social skills are a process and take time to

learn. If any parent feels their child is being bullied, it is essential that the issue must be

brought to staff so that it can be effectively handled. Parents asked if we can look at

possibly using PIC money for an evening workshop helping parents learn these skills for

use at home. Dr. I and council will look into possible workshop leaders.

- The Intermediate (grades 7 & 8) Student Leadership Team is organizing a host of events

to help with Hurricane Relief Efforts, including a chance to “Be a Principal for a Day”.

Some of these children are also the school’s Skatepark Ambassadors and they are

raising funds for Hurricane Relief through a bottle drive.

- Report cards go home November 20. Parent- teacher interviews will happen November

21 - 24.

- EQAO for grades 3 and 6 will be the weeks of May 22 - June 4

- Holiday Concert December 14

- Grade 8s will be attending an overnight ski trip in February and a 2 night trip in June

Voting Members

- Due to the high number of parents interested in being voting members of parent council

but the need for a quorum of voters, all those interested in voting at council meetings

were asked to submit a form with their intentions. Voting members must be present at

80-90% of all meetings and also be willing to volunteer outside of meetings. There were

19 people who submitted forms and all are now voting members of council: Carolyn

Shields, Julie Ion, Jen Mifsud, Mary-Ann Welland, Trica Cole, Sally Fung, Andrea

Sjolander, Priscilla Bajus, Michelle Brans, Michell Risterski, Ashley Llewellyn, Marta

Felton, Lou-Ann Trabucco, Robin Neilson, Niki Ferreira, Robyn Irving, Jeff Whitaker,

Amy Donaldson, Nelly Christensen.

Librarian report by Teacher-Librarian Jennifer Armstrong

- The Library is being transformed into the Learning Commons

- Ms. Armstrong requested funding for the Forest of Reaching program which includes 50

new books recommended by the board ($1500); a complete school coding set including

12 Spheros balls which can be manipulated by tablet or smartphone ($1310). The school

is aiming to get children ready for the greater level of coding used in high schools; An

author visit with Philip Roy ($416.23). Requesting a total of $3226.23.

Treasurer report by Julie Ion, Treasurer.

- Council started with $26 000 this year. Julie moved that we spend more of this money on

our senior and intermediate children this year as it has been earned over the past few

years when these children’s parents were active in fundraising.

Vote on Outstanding & new items

- Council voted in favour of spending the following:

$1386 for the MindUp program

$$800 for the Live Different Program

$1000 for the student led Greening Committee requested at September’s meeting (the

students requested $750, but Julie Ion moved to increase this to $1000. Council voted in


$3226.23 for the three library programs listed above

Council Matters presented by Robyn Irving, Council Chair

- We received a PRO Grant for Isabel DesRoches to lead a series of evening Parent-child

dance workshops. Dates, times and theme of each event TBA. Email will be send home

with details. Likely to take place on Friday evenings due to scheduling.

- The students will participate in a Hallowe’en parade and assembly lead by the

intermediate Student Leadership Team. Parents’ are welcome. Parents will be given a

“costume” of a Spice to wear so that we will be Kilbride’s Spice Girls and Boys

- Council is hosting an Indigo Fundraiser on Wednesday November 22 6:30 - 8:30 at the

Brant St. Indigo. 15% of all regularly priced items sold to Kilbride guests will be donated

back to the school. If unable to attend that evening, purchases made online at will also afford the school 15% of proceeds

- Dime Sale - Mary-Ann Welland will lead the Dime Sale again, along with the help of

Marta Felton. Emails will be sent home requesting families donate items to be set up in

the hall. Children will be able to purchase 10 cent tickets and use these to try to win the

items. Dime Sale tickets will be sold the week of December 4 - 8.

- Cake Raffle - Nikki Ferreira will organize a cake raffle for February.

- PIC representative - Amy Donaldson attended the PIC conference in September and

reported back on this. The free conference offers the opportunity to hear a plenary

address, as well as to choose between host of speakers for a total of four workshops

throughout the day. She highly recommends attending for anyone interested next year.

Amy also found out about a potential fundraising opportunity called “Memory Books”.

Council voted to offer these to the school in the new year. Amy and Michelle Brans

volunteered to attend the periodic evening PIC meetings as Kilbride’s representatives

and report back to council.

Next meeting December 6th. Motion to adjourn at 10:45 by Michelle Brans, seconded by

Priscilla Bajus.

In future, Nikki Ferreira will be acting Secretary of Parent Council

Minutes Approved by Robin Neilson & Mary-Ann Welland