Kilbride Public School Parent Council Meeting Minutes September 20, 2017 Present: Rob Iannuzzi, Sarah Ashabo, Carolyn Shields, Chantel Beadle, Justina Courtney, Nikki Ferreira, Brie Spiro, Dan Ferguson, Maria Vilma Amarga, Sally Fung, Laura Andreana, Michell Ristevski, Mary Ann Welland, Tricia Cole, Chris Fry, Christina Lam, Amy Donaldson, Scott Spiro, Kelly Catherwood, Kathy Mazzei, Robyn Irving, Charlene LeFave, Julie Ion, Jen Mifsud, Connie Grinbergs, Lou Ann Trabucco, Karen Maclean, Robin Neilson, Michelle Brans, Ashley Llewellyn, Crystal Troup, Chad Dawson, Priscilla Bajus, Marta Felton, Andrea Sjolander, Leanne Sheehan, Nelly Christensen, Robyn Irving Committee Members: Principal Rob Iannuzzi introduced himself and initiated voting for the three required council positions of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Robyn Irving acclaimed as Chair. Julie Ion (shadowed by Nikki Ferreira) acclaimed as Treasurer Carolyn Shields/Kathy Mazzei acclaimed as Secretary SERT Report: Sarah Ashabo updated us on the Sensory Room that was created last year. It is an ongoing project and she thanked Council for their support thus far. New proposal is introducing MIND UP Curriculum as part of her wellness initiative. This program focuses on bringing mindfulness and positive learning environment to the classroom. It is divided into 3 sections appropriate for different age groups. Outcomes include improved social behaviour, improved planning and organizational skills and increased optimism. We were shown a video of a school who did a pilot project with MIND UP. **Looking for Parent Council support of $1386 to get this curriculum material into each classroom. Voting Members: Robyn explained the role of a voting member. We then recirculated the attendance book for people to indicate their interest and provide their email address. ***Addendum: due to the large number of ppl interested in voting, we are going to have to hold an election. All interested parties will receive a ballot via email and must submit this for election. This is because the school has informed us we must have a quorum for voting and therefore do have only a limited number of voters allowed. With apologies for the confusion. Principal’s Report: September focus: Creating a safe and inclusive community along with getting to know learners, and getting to know staff. A new class was allocated to the school which was a positive change. It did impact some students, but resulted in smaller class sizes all around. It eliminated a cross divisional split which is a good outcome. Staffing update: Ms. Johal has been hired as an additional .33 core French who will also support Primary readers. Mr. Armiss will be intermediate instrumental music teacher and he also has a Grade 4/5 split class. Confirmed there will be a school band under either Mr. Watkins or Mr. Armiss. School vision and school goals: Directions team has been established with 7 staff members. Goals are: Be kind, do your job and make a difference. Students, staff and parents will have input into this collective matrix of what this will look like at Kilbride. What do these things mean to you? There will be opportunity to have input at the Meet the Teacher night. In school program: Live Different has already been in the school focussed on grade 6-8. Students have provided positive feedback. Extracurriculars: Senior boys, senior girls volleyball, co-ed flag football, cross- country training have all started. It was confirmed that there will be a girls team as there was concern about securing a coach. My Life On-Line: This presentation is coming to the school this Friday September 22nd. Helping students navigate their on-line presence. Grades 4-8 are included. Rob mentioned that parents are always welcome to attend any of these sessions. Terry Fox Run: September 28 @ 2:15. Wear red and white. Parent volunteers are urgently needed. Contact Mme. Bennink if you can help. Be sure to have Police check and annual declaration completed. Meet the Teacher Night: Wednesday October 11th from 6-7:30 There will be a Grade 8 parents’ meeting at 7:30-8:30 in the gym regarding trips that will be happening this school year. Camp Muskoka Trip Meeting: This is for Grade 8 parents and will take place from 7:30-8:30 in the gym after the “Meet the Teachers” evening. The trip is planned for June 4th -June 6th. Healthy Snack Program: Will continue to be supported by Parent Council. ******Rob will send his Principal’s Report to the entire school community via Synervoice. Greening Report: Three grade 8 students reported on their project to institute a composting program and a rooftop greenhouse at the school. This will start in October. Proposed budget is $730. Treasurer’s Report: Julie provided a detailed report outlining how expenditures are determined and reviewing last years finances. We are starting this year with approximately $24,000 in the bank. The financial report is always available to anyone who wishes to see it. We also discussed the idea of the profit margin on some food items and if perhaps this could be looked at to balance profit with affordability. Fundraising: Food Committee will be chaired by Robin Neilson. Plans similar to last year-Sub/ pitas, Kidssentials, and Pizza with one possible additional offering yet to be determined. Indigo fundraiser evening will be November 22. It is also on-going online. Cake Raffle/Dime Sale will be discussed in future. Fun Fair will be May 31 headed up by Priscilla Bajus, Michelle Brans and Tammy Kember. Silent Auction will be headed up by Robyn Irving and Andrea Sjolander.. Donation solicitation begins in January. PIC: (Parent Involvement Committee) One day workshop October 14th. This is a free one day conference. Morning Tea: October 4th 9:15-10:15 in the Library Halloween Dance: October 27th for grades 5-8 Skipping Team: tryouts starting late October grades 4-8 Community: Love My Hood event at Lowville Church this Sunday Sept 24 from10-3. This event still needs volunteers. Motion to adjourn raised by Michell Ristevski and seconded by Nikki Ferreira.